Dental Hygiene and Prevention


Complete Exam

Your first visit will consist of a complete exam. Radiographs are taken of your teeth and a thorough exam of your hard and soft tissues is done. All your present restorations are noted, as well as missing teeth, dental occlusion, cavities and periodontal health. Your cheeks, tongue, ganglia and palate will also be examined. A scaling and polishing of teeth will be followed by hygiene instructions. If dental treatments are recommended, a detailed treatment plan will be given.

Recall Exam

A recall exam is recommended every 6 months! It is important to regularly upkeep your oral health to avoid formation of decayed teeth or periodontal disease. A scaling and polishing of your teeth will be done and a few radiographs will be taken if need be.

Pit and Fissure Sealants

A sealant is a thin protective plastic coating applied to the biting surfaces of posterior teeth to prevent formation of caries.

Most cavities observed in children and teenagers are found on the chewing surfaces of molars or premolars. Posterior teeth have deeper grooves and pits that retain food and bacteria causing decay. The sealant forms a smooth, protective shield over the pits and fissures thus preventing bacteria retention.

The teeth most likely to benefit from sealants are the first and second permanent molars. First molars appear around age 6-7. Second molars appear around age 11-14. Sealants are applied immediately after the eruption of teeth, before caries can start. Your dental team will determine which teeth need to be sealed. Adults who desire sealants can have them applied on their premolars and molars if adequate space allows it.

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